Introduction to the Nagy Collection

Susan and I began collecting Native American material in 1984. Although we have been independent collectors of other types of objects, neither of us had developed a strong focus that we both, and our family, could embrace. The seeds were sewn in the 70's when I was introduced to Susan's sister Pat Fry, and Pat's husband, Roger. 35 years ago, Roger was an active collector of Native American material and their home was beginning to exhibit the museum quality displays of material that it enjoys today. Through his encouragement, both then and today, we continue to enjoy these wonderful objects of our nation's heritage

When Susan and I began to collect this material, we decided to focus on California basketry. We are indebted to Sandra Horn, John Rauzy, Craig Bates and Bruce Bernstein for their early advice and guidance.

Over the past 20 years, our collection of Native American material has increased in scope to include other object types, regions and tribes. We are grateful to the museum curators who have helped us along the way, and do not want to ignore nor forget the dealer community for their patience, education and salesmanship! Special thanks to Ramona Morris, Ted and Anna Trotta-Bono, David Cook, Richard Pohrt Jr., Tad and Sandy Dale and all of our many friends at ATADA.

We have not included everything in our collection on this website, just a fair representation.

We especially want to thank the Splendid Heritage website developers for giving us this opportunity. It is a wonderful medium that enables collections to be seen by many rather than just a few.


Clinton and Susan Nagy
July 2005

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