Collection: Warnock

Item Number: WC8905030

Category: Model - Canoe Model - with Figures

Region: Northeast

Tribe: Malaseet

Period: 1825-1850

Materials: Canoe- wood; birchbark; moosehair; pine tar; cotton cloth (sail). Dolls- wax; wool cloth; silk; cotton cloth; native tanned hide; human hair; glass beads.

Description: Birchbark canoe with scroll painted designs in red with black and white dots. Canoe has wood ribs, a cloth sail and three paddles. There are three dolls dressed in wool, cotton, silk and hide costumes along with a baby doll in a wood cradle. Dolls have molded wax faces and hands.

Dimensions: Length (canoe) 31.5 inches; Height (doll) 12.625 inches 32.2 cm.


Alexander Gallery
Epic Fine Arts Co./Masco Corp.


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cf. Christie's Auction Catalogue, Christie's, New York, Sale N08107, Lot 19, May 13, 2005

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