Collection: Warnock

Item Number: WC8805007

Category: Bows-Quivers

Region: Plateau

Tribe: Plateau

Period: 1850-1875 - ca. 1860

Materials: Otter fur; white, pink and green glass pony beads; white, pink, green, navy blue and sky blue glass seed beads; red wool cloth; cotton cloth (backing); native tanned buffalo hide; sinew sewn.

Description: Otter skin bow case and quiver have elongated triangular flaps decorated with beadwork and fingers in red trade cloth. Further bead decoration appears around bottom of bow case and quiver and where otter fur carrying strap is anchored.

Dimensions: Length 31 inches 78.7 cm.


Alexander Gallery
Epic Fine Arts Co./Masco Corp.


cf. Holm, Bill, The Crow-NezPerce Otterskin Bowcase-Quiver, American Indian Art Magazine, American Indian Art, Scottsdale, Vol 6, No. 4, Autumn 1981, pp 60-70

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