Collection: Warnock

Item Number: WC8708889

Category: Bag, Bandolier

Region: Northeast

Tribe: Delaware

Period: 1875-1900 - ca. 1890

Materials: Multi-colored glass seed beads; wool cloth; cotton cloth; silk ribbon; thread sewn.

Description: Wide shoulder strap is fully beaded with stylized floral motifs. Motifs and background colors differ on each side of strap. Bag has triangular cover flap and is also decorated with stylized floral motifs.

Dimensions: Length 28.75 inches 73 cm.


Made by Pamapanexkwe (Pommahpunaqua), Dawn Woman, aka Mrs. Lizzie Curlyhead for:
Kwechkwipahkikamen, One who makes the leaves shake, aka George Tom Anderson
Sold by his widow, Ollie Anderson to:
Charles Childers, Tulsa, Oklahoma, 1985
Lessard Collection- SD 934
Epic Fine Arts Co./Masco Corp.


Email from Ted Brasser dated Aug 10, 2008 in which he descrbes receiving the provenance information from James Rementer, a Delaware historian and linquist

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Drs. Ted J. Brasser 2006

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