Collection: Warnock

Item Number: WC8708296

Category: Knife-Knife Case

Region: Plains

Tribe: Plains - Northern Plains

Period: 1825-1850

Materials: Black, blue, red and white glass pony beads; large round opaque white glass beads; rawhide; native tanned hide (fringe); metal ring; sinew sewn.

Description: Knife case is fully beaded on front and back with simple designs; lines of white and black beads against a blue background on one side and against a red background on the other side. Large white beads decorate edges.

Dimensions: Length 8.25 inches 21 cm.


University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana
Lessard Collection- SD 284
Epic Fine Arts Co./Masco Corp.


Warnock, John and Marva Warnock, eds, Splendid Heritage: Perspectives on American Indian Art, University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City, 2009, pp 70

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