Collection: Warnock

Item Number: WC0802009

Category: Doll - Kachina

Region: Southwest

Tribe: Zuni

Period: 1900-1925 - ca. 1903 - 1905

Materials: Pine wood, pigments, cotton cloth, wool, hair and turkey feather ruff.

Description: Salimopaiya Kachina or one of six Warriors of the Seeds (aka The many colored Warrior of the Zenith). This Kachina accompanies chief Kachinas like Hototo. They dash about on the outskirts waving yucca leaf whips. This Kachina was undoubtedly made for Andrew Vanderwagen at Zuni under the cloak of secrecy between 1903 and 1905. More than 150 dolls were made in this period, unknown to the War Chiefs, as it was prohibited at this time. Andrew Vanderwagen, a Dutch Christian Reformed missionary, moved to Zuni in 1903 where, in addition to his missionary work, collected Zuni material to be sold to collectors and museums. He sold to Stewart Culin the Kachinas that are now in the Brooklyn Museum.

Dimensions: Height 13 inches 33 cm.

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