Collection: Warnock

Item Number: WC0802005

Category: Doll - Kachina

Region: Southwest

Tribe: Zuni

Period: 1925-1950 - ca. 1930

Materials: Pine wood, pigments, cotton cloth, wool, hair and feathers

Description: Shalako Kachina, Courier to the Gods. This Zuni Kachina comes once a year, as a pair, and dances outside the village, then enters the town and proceeds to a newly built house where it dances until dawn. The two Kachinas are over 10 feet tall and are an awesome pair, towering over the other Kachinas that accompany them. The Zuni disapproved of selling Kachina dolls until the late 20th century. This doll may have been made for a home-altar in addition to being a teaching example for youth.

Dimensions: Height 15 inches 38.2 cm.

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