Collection: Nagy

Item Number: NC0049

Category: Dress

Region: Plains

Tribe: Cheyenne

Period: 1875-1900

Materials: Tanned deerskin; cowrie shells; white, blue, red and green seed beads; brown, white and blue glass tube beads; red trade cloth; red and yellow ochre; cotton thread; sinew sewn.

Description: Girls dress containing several hundred cowrie shells carved in the form of elks teeth on the top front and back; neck area surrounded with a pattern of green, blue and red beads on a foundation of white beads applied to the red cloth which also contains a very delcate design woven in thread. Heavily fringed on sides, front and bottom.

Dimensions: Length 35.5 inches; Width 25.25 inches


Alexander Gallery
John and Marva Warnock Collection

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