Collection: Nagy

Item Number: NC0046

Category: Bow

Region: Northwest Coast

Tribe: Kwakwaka'wakw

Period: 1800-1825

Materials: Yew wood; sinew

Description: Southern Northwest Coast bow with sinew twisted bowstring. Marked with collector numbers H1514 (Hooper), A76187a (unknown) and #276 (unknown). The #276 tag is probably the oldest. See Steven C. Brown's note below.

Dimensions: Length 31 inches; 78.75 cm.


W.O. Oldman Collection, #6916
James Hooper Collection, #1514
Adelaide deMenil Collection
Alan Silberberg, Littleton, Massachusetts


cf, King, J.C.H., Artificial Curiosities from the Northwest Coast of America; Native American Artifacts in the British Museum collected on the Third Voyage of Captain James Cook and acquired through Sir Joseph Banks, British Museum Publications Limited, London, 1981, pp 86, 87.
Sotheby's Auction Catalogue, Sotheby's, New York, New York, June 4, 1997, Lot #207

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Steven C. Brown 2006

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