Collection: Nagy

Item Number: NC0008

Category: Hat

Region: Northwest Coast

Tribe: Haida

Period: 1975-2000

Materials: Sitka spruce root harvested on the north coast of Haida Gwaii (aka Queen Charlotte Islands); red and black pigment

Description: Potlach hat with three rings on top; hand woven in 1991. The pattern woven into the crown of the hat is a spider web; the pattern on the brim is a slug trail. "The spider was admiring her web she had just spun on the hat. The slug, being somewhat jealous, decided she could do something just as beautiful, so she came down the brim of the hat making the zig zag pattern." The hat was painted in 1994 by the Haida artist Robert Davidson. On one side he depicted an Eagle and on the other, Mouse Woman.

Dimensions: Width 14 inches; Height 11 inches


Isabel Rorick, 1991


Email from Isabel Rorick

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