Collection: Nagy

Item Number: NC0007

Category: Basket

Region: California

Tribe: Mono - Shoshonean

Period: 1900-1925

Materials: Sedge root; bracken fern root and redbud.

Description: Globular basket with three alternating designs of polychrome zig-zag bands. An early example of the Field Days era basketry.

Dimensions: Width 8 inches; Height 4 inches


Emma Murphy


Bishop Harvest Days, Bishop, Ca., 1916


Bates, Craig D. and Martha J. Lee, Traditions and Innovations; A Basket History of the Indians of the Yosemite-Mono Lake Area, Yosemite Association, Yosemite National Park, 1990, pp. 88, fig. 167.
Letter describing this basket from Craig Bates, Curator of Ethnography, Yosemite National Park, August 18, 1995

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Craig D. Bates 1995

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