Collection: Nagy

Item Number: NC0002

Category: Basket

Region: California

Tribe: Kawaiisu

Period: 1900-1925

Materials: Willow; red yucca root, grass

Description: Bottleneck basket, with a stepped square design, woven in a manner known as the "grasshopper" stitch.

Dimensions: Width 13.25 inches; Height 9 inches


Probably made by the Williams or Butterbread families of the Kelso Canyon area
Collected by Frank Latta
Yosemite National Park Service collection, deaccessioned
Deaccessioned 2010


cf, Moser, Christopher L., Native American Basketry of Central California, Riverside Museum Press, Riverside, 1986, pp iii for a similarly woven basket

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Craig D. Bates 1992

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