Collection: Fry

Item Number: Fry0170

Category: Blade - Adz Blades

Region: Arctic

Tribe: Eskimo

Period: 1875-1900

Materials: Bone handle, potentially whale bone, jade bit and seal hide lashings

Description: This adz was probably assembled with old components by the native people of Point Hope, Alaska in the 1950s. It was given to writer/artist, Claire Fejes, and is clearly referenced in her writings. The components appear original in all respects. The bit is well worn almost as if found in water where it would have been abraded and polished naturally. The handle, which is very nicely shaped, has darkened with age, possibly as the result of having been buried for some years.

Dimensions: 12.5" x 3.5"


Claire Fejes, Fairbanks, Alaska, collected at Point Hope in the 1950s.


Lure of the Arctic, Cincinnati Art Museum, October 2007 - January 2008

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