Collection: Fry

Item Number: Fry0153

Category: Dart

Region: Arctic

Tribe: Eskimo

Period: 1875-1900

Materials: Walrus ivory point, seal hide line, whale bone forshaft, wood and fletching.

Description: Dart, for use with an atlatl, to be thrown by an Eskimo hunter seated in a kayak. The point is designed to detach from the forpiece, on impact. The seal hide line is attached to the shaft in a martingale configuration, causing the shaft to turn crossways as it is pulled through the water by the wounded seal. This dart is of the style used in Northwest Alaska.

Dimensions: 52"


Fitzhugh, William W. and Susan A. Kaplan, Inua; Spirit World of the Bering Sea Eskimo, Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington D.C., 1982,

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