Collection: Fenn

Item Number: FCFEB148

Category: Headdress

Region: Plains

Tribe: Sioux

Period: 1875-1900

Materials: Beaver felt, feathers, adhesive tape, glass beads, ermine skins, hawk bells, horse hair, cloth.

Description: Feather bonnet with beaded brow band. The 34 feathers are wrapped with red wool cloth and held with white adhesive tape. Ermine skins and hawk bell drops hang from the temples and each feather has a white horse hair tip. Owl feathers are tied to the crown of the cap.

Dimensions: Height 27 inches depth 15 inches


An old Flathead Indian woman


Hanson, James A., Spirits in the Arts: From the Plains and Soutwest Indian Cultures, The Lowell Press, Kansas City, 1994, pp 98

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