Collection: Fenn

Item Number: FCDRU34

Category: Drum

Region: Southwest

Tribe: Taos Pueblo

Period: 1900-1925

Materials: Wood, skin, buckskin, paint

Description: A hollowed, cottonwood tree trunk section with a skin stretched around both ends that is held tight with rawhide bindings. The sides are painted red, yellow, and black. The drum was made by Tony Lujan, husband of Mabel Dodge Luhan. Tony was known to have played the drum at parties in Mabel's big house in Taos, with Frank Waters, Mabel, Frieda Lawrence, Dorothy Brett, Spud Johnson, Gisella Loeffler, Leon Gaspard, and others in attendance.

Dimensions: width 11 inches by 9 inches height 6.5 inches


Anneke Dicus Chittim

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