Collection: Fenn

Item Number: FCDOL702

Category: Doll

Region: Plains

Tribe: Cheyenne

Period: 1850-1875

Materials: Buckskin, calico cloth, wool, buffalo hair, beads, muslin, pigment.

Description: Male warrior doll with buckskin coat,belted by a piece of the same calico cloth that was used to make his shirt. Beaded strips and green pigments decorate his fringed coat and cape, and for a belt under his coat, the doll maker used a round cord make by roll-twisting two strips of wool and cotton together. A braided ponytail of buffalo hair drapes from the top of his head to his hips in back, and two wrapped braids hang in front. A Calico print scarf is tied around his neck over a beaded choker and falls in back. He has leggings of muslin that have beaded, hide panels stitched on front and native tanned buckskin flaps that flare at the bottom. His moccasins are plain.

Dimensions: Height 14 inches


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