Collection: Fenn

Item Number: FCDOL274

Category: Doll

Region: Plains

Tribe: Cheyenne

Period: 1875-1900

Materials: Muslin, buckskin, horsetail, cloth, beads, red pigment, sinew.

Description: This doll's face has a beaded mouth and eyes, but the back of her head is rawhide. Her hair was formed by taking several hundred, eight inch-long hairs from a horse's mane, braiding the, and tying them on at each end with buckskin thongs. A single strand of sinew was anchored at the base of her skull, looped over the hair, stitched through her forehead and tied again in back.

Dimensions: Height 10 inches


Fenn, Forrest, Historic American Indian Dolls, One Horse Land & Cattle Company, Santa Fe, 2007,

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