Collection: Fenn

Item Number: FCBTS714

Category: Belt

Region: Plains

Tribe: Kiowa

Period: 1850-1875

Materials: Leather, glass beads, buckskin, metal, bone, brass, wood, iron, horn, cloth, pewter, mirror.

Description: Utility belt made from a leather bullet holder. Several accoutrements tied on include; (1) a pouch with two horn containers that hold bullets and cloth tender; (2) a pouch holds an iron awl with an incised wooden haft; (3) a beaded amulet; (4) a pewter inlaid knife in a leather case; (5) a mirror; (6) a beaded Strike-a-Light bag that contains a flint, a fire steel, and a clothe tender; (7) an awl case with two bone awls that are tied together with a cotton string; (8) a small Strike-a-Light bag with a fire steel. Two brass rings serve as a buckle. An old tag attached says "belonged to Chief White Man Indian Territory, 1892 Kiowa.

Dimensions: Length 36 inches


Fred Harvey
Chief White Man


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